India’s first luxury cruise to Antarctica.

The wind roars across a landscape that’s a hundred shades of white, singing the same eternal, haunting song that the first explorers heard. The ice breaks beneath the bow of your ship – a sound that will stay with you forever. This is as far from regular life as you can come – this is the far end of the earth.

We started The Q to create the most original, impeccable travel experiences in the world. And what trip could satisfy that desire better than this? The Antarctic is unique. It’s mercurial. It will challenge our pursuit of luxury and bring out the best in us. As the first Indian luxury travel firm, and the first one to make a trip to the Antarctic, it’ll be our privilege to set the standards for the others who will come. This trip will be one for the history books.

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​We're not tour operators. We're storytellers.

At The Q, ​we believe that travel is not about seeing new places - it’s
about living through an experience that will make for a great story​,
a magnum opus if you will. Every aspect of your ​trip will be ​crafted by experts – scientists and explorers have charted out your path across the White Continent, gourmet chefs will have your dietary preferences on hand when they prepare your meals, a detailed list of all the clothing and gear you’ll need on the expedition will be customized for you - every single little thing will be thought through. Even while on board, our team will be at work constantly, looking for little ways to delight you​. We're here to help you write your magnum opus.
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Voyage begins
9th December, 2017