About Us

An award winning experiential travel organization, The Q Experiences curates unique handcrafted journeys. Making luxury travel meet with remote wilderness, the company follows the ethos of ‘Luxury Travel Reimagined.’

We, at The Q, believe travel is not just about seeing new places, it is about living through an experience that will make for a great story. A story replete with twists and turns, wonder and glee, grandeur and glory; a story that no one will ever experience the way you do, for its most important ingredient is you.

The Q set out to make polar voyages a reality with the belief that a travelogue can’t be complete if you have not set foot on The White Continent. Conquering the Far South time and again, we are the pioneers in luxury travel.

Yet, Antarctica reveals itself in a new way every time we embark on the shores of the 7th continent.