• Before and beyond the Antarctic pilgrimage

    Antarctica might be the final frontier, cut off from civilization and life on the rest of planet. But that doesn’t mean there’s a dearth of things to do right before or after visiting the Antarctic. There can’t be a better way of celebrating your impending sojourn in the white continent, than spending a few days in Rio and taking it from there. Or, if you want some time to thaw before heading back to everyday life, let Buenos Aires guile you with its charm and head towards the famous Iguazu falls and Rio while you’re at it.

    Here’s a peek into everything that you can do.

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  • Rio De Janeiro

    More than a carnival

    Rio De Janeiro

    How does it feel to live in one of the most buzzing cities on Earth? Find out the answer to that in Rio de Janeiro. Board a cog train to explore Corcovado Mountain. Get overawed by one of the wonders of the modern world, the gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer that always watches over the city. Rediscover your love of beaches at some of Rio’s finest. And that is just about one day worth of travel. You will, it is safe to say, have only scratched the surface.

    The magnificent view from Urca Hill and the Sugar Loaf, one of Rio’s most endearing symbols, await your arrival.

    A safari at the Tijuca rain forest national park while serve as a reminder that this country is, after all, the home of the Amazon and an exotic range of flora and fauna that remains to this day, unparalleled.

    And all this without even taking into account the unending list of architectural masterpieces, museums and experience that the city itself has to offer.

    All you can do is sit back and let Rio take over completely.

  • Iguazu Falls

    Eternally flowing beauty

    Iguazu Falls

    If you need a quick reminder of the beauty that nature is capable of producing, there is no better example that can be offered than the famed Iguazu falls. Such is the beauty and majesty of these falls that there are two countries that proudly claim ownership of one part each, Brazil and Argentina. On the Brazilian side, soak yourself in the local ecosystem at the National Park. Feel like a dwarf on a specially designed walking tour that offers unparalleled views of the massive waterfalls.

  • Argentina

    The view from the other side


    The only way that you can do justice to a visit to the Iguazu falls is by getting a glimpse from both countries. Transfer to Argentina by crossing the Iguazu River which separates the two countries. Once in Argentina, the picturesque highway itself goads you towards the Argentine Iguazu Park. This gives you the best view of the Argentinean side of the falls. Take a deep breath here and seize the opportunity to go to the very brink of the terrifying and yet beautiful Devil’s throat, Argentina’s largest falls. Wash it all down in the evening with the finest that Argentina has to offer, a hearty meal set to the backdrop of an exclusive tango performance.

  • Buenos Aires

    City of magic

    Buenos Aires

    Argentina’s capital city has been called the Paris of South America but it can aptly be summed up in four words – magic in a bottle. Let the wild abandon of Buenos Aires work its charm on you. From glamorous neighbourhoods and wistful cemeteries to sprawling cathedrals and hidden little market places, there’s always something to see in this city. Visit the first settlements in the city and soak yourself in art, architecture and history that this city is always brimming with. Buenos Aires grows on you like a silent creeper and before you know it, you are enraptured forever.

  • And these are just the entrées.

    Or the desserts, depending on your choice. The main course, the holy grail of this incredible experience of course, is a visit to nature’s final frontier, Antarctica. It is the lure of this once in a lifetime journey that brings gleaming eyed adventurers and hopeless romantics alike to the edge of the world.

    If you want to get a little better acquainted with white continent, be sure to explore our main Antarctica itinerary here.

    It is our modest hope that it will change the way you look at life itself.

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